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Payment methods

Here you will find information on the payment methods offered in our online shop.

Apple Pay and Google Pay
Apple Pay and Google Pay are very simple to use with the Apple and Android devices you're used to. It allows you to shop and pay securely on Banana Benz and store your different cards in the Wallet. Transaction data is not transmitted or stored and therefore remains confidential and secure.

When paying with PayPal, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account, just insert your credit card to associate it with the payment method. The account and payment process are free and the refund process is faster than other methods.

Afterpay is an innovative payment method that allows you to buy the things you love in online and physical stores, receive them immediately and pay them calmly in 3 interest-free installments. Simply register and associate a card to start using this service.

Select Satispay as your payment method at checkout and confirm payment directly from your app. Satispay is the app for paying in shops, exchanging money with friends, purchasing services and saving in a smart way.

Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)
Here you can pay with your credit card (3D Secure Code required) conveniently and safely. Your card information will be transmitted, securely and encrypted.

Cash on Delivery (Cash on Delivery)
Payment by cash on delivery takes place upon delivery of the purchased product. The product, therefore, is not paid for at the time of purchase, but only when it is delivered. Payment is collected by the courier only and exclusively in cash. This service has a surcharge of €5.00.