Fila x Sneakerness "Wayne Pizzeria"

Fila X Sneakerness - Limited Edition of the Wayne Shoe

Fila x Sneakerness "Wayne Pizzeria"

FILA, in collaboration with Sneakerness, will present the limited edition FILA x Sneakerness “WAYNE” shoe at Sneakerness Amsterdam on May 25, 2024.

The shoe will also be available exclusively on Banana Benz.

The collaboration between FILA and Sneakerness has created a unique version of the “WAYNE” shoe: the Wayne Pizzeria edition. Inspired by the warm atmosphere of traditional Italian pizzerias, this special edition embodies the rustic charm and friendliness of these places. From signature checkered tablecloths to picturesque facades, the Wayne Pizzeria Edition captures the essence of shared moments and unforgettable memories.