Be@rbrick: the toys that revolutionized the world of design

The Japanese Art Toys that revolutionized the concept of action figures, becoming icons of street culture .

Be@rbrick: i Toys che hanno rivoluzionato il mondo del design
Be@rbrick is an icon of the world of design and collecting, born in 2001 from the creative mind of Tatsuhiko Akashi and the Japanese company Medicom Toy . These little plastic bears have become a perfect canvas for artists, designers and fashion brands around the world.
Each Be@rbrick, with its distinctive block design and movable joints, is a combination of art and toy. Available in different sizes, from 100% (7cm) to gigantic 1000% (70cm), they have been decorated with countless styles and themes, from pop art to iconic movie characters.
Their global success is due to Be@rbrick's ability to collaborate with internationally renowned brands and artists, creating unique pieces coveted by collectors.
Today, Be@rbrick is more than just a toy: it is a symbol of pop culture and a must-have for lovers of design and contemporary art. If you are a collector or simply a design enthusiast, a Be@rbrick is definitely a piece that cannot be missing from your collection!